• Slider MITBIS Event Personalized
  • Personalized

    Representative background image of your company that will personalize the MITBIS experience

  • Slider MITBIS Event Your Menu
  • Your Menu

    Menu with the options you choose and settings accompanied by your logo

  • Slider MITBIS Event Questions
  • Questions

    Communication channel where your clients can send their doubts or suggestions through MITBIS

  • Slider MITBIS Event Stands / Companies established
  • Stands / Companies established

    List of departments, companies or shops that are located in the enclosure

  • Slider MITBIS Event Extended information
  • Extended information

    Description of each one accompanied by its logo to report location, offers or important information

  • Slider MITBIS Event Important Information
  • Important Information

    Access to official website, prices, offers, maps and other important information

  • Designed for networking events

    Specially designed for

    > Companies with public service

    > Business incubators

    > Shopping centres

    > Hotels

    > Restaurants

    > VIP lounges
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